The application deadline is Friday, April 21st, 2000

A printer friendly version of this application can be downloaded [HERE]. Mailed applications must be postmarked by April 21st and addressed to:

Media Fusion
c/o Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School
1490 Ogden Ave.
Mississauga, ON
L5E 2H8

Application forms can also be emailed to [media_fusion@hotmail.com]

Exhibitors Online Application Form
please read all lines carefully

Name(s) of Exhibitor(s):
Title of Exhibit:
E-mail Address:
Name of Staff Sponsor:
Provide a short description of your project, including it's objective and/or purpose:
Select a category under which the project would apply:
----if other, please specify:
Please detail what equipment and materials you will be needing for the exhibit. Will you be requiring a powersupply? If so, please specify the number of outlets your will require.

Please note: we will be unable to provide equipment for your exhibit such as computers, extension cords, projectors, etc. You are responsible for all the equipment you require for the event. We will provide tables.

FILMS/VIDEOS and ANIMATIONS: Entries under the film/video and animation category must be in VHS format. Videos and animations will be presented in order and on a large screen that will be located in the exhibit area.

You will be contacted by April 25th with further information on the event if we receive your application on or before the deadline.